Saturday, May 24, 2014

Excerpt from The Called... Coming Fall 2014

As many already know, I have been working on a Christian apocalyptic sci fi thriller. I have been making great strides toward finishing the first manuscript and I hope to have all editing completed by the end of summer. I really wanted to share a little bit with you all though to wet your appetites. This excerpt is from chapter one as Chairman of the World Council of Nations, Samyaza al Assad and the President of the United States, Liam Cain, hold a worldwide press conference. Enjoy!

Assad stood up and began, “Citizens of the world community, I am honored and humbled to greet you as this is a great day for the people of our planet. We have seen wars and terrible struggle in our time, but a new day is here. The sun of mankind has risen to shine brightly. With today’s proclamation, we will exalt our race above the stars. We will finally live together in peace and unity where struggle and bloodshed once abounded. I stand here in this great country, which has stood for centuries as a melting pot of cultures and races. It is only proper that the World Council of Nations be headquartered right here in this exceptional place that has stood for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We can now pursue it together. I am pleased to introduce to you the President of the United States, Mr. Liam Cain.”

  Thunderous applause erupted from the room as the President took the podium. Twelve billion eyes around the world sat captivated at what was taking place. For most, tears of joy and for some feelings of fear and uncertainty flooded them.

  “Thank you for the warm welcome Mr. Assad and thank you to all citizens who have shared this vision and who have ran with it through all the sacrifices and heartbreak. We salute you. Throughout the history of modern man; war, famine, disease, and ignorance have been hurdles that we have had to navigate throughout our evolutionary process. Even in our lifetime, we have seen much bloodshed and bigotry within each of our great nations. These sacrifices were necessary for the good of all, but nevertheless a painful reminder of the turmoil that divisions among us cause. Today, I stand here beside President and chairman al Assad to welcome a new day in our history. For years, relations between the United States and Syria were strained, often coming to needless violence and destruction. Thankfully, this man along with ten other world leaders took the initiative to bring peace and prosperity to all people. No longer do we allow petty nuisances such as race or religion divide us. We can now be one people with one purpose…the greatness of mankind. Because of what the World Council of Nations has done and will continue to do for our world, we can look forward to a brighter future together. There will be nothing impossible for us as we continue to technologically advance. In the coming decade, we expect to reach new solar systems through our space travel, create new technologies to increase life expectancy, and unlock the secrets that our universe and our planet hold. With this being said, I am pleased to announce the United States official membership in the council as of today. President Assad and I have come to a seven year agreement between these ten great groups of nations that are represented here today. Your example in unity has been the predecessor for this one world government and we look forward to reaching new heights together. We no longer believe in the exceptionalism or dominance of one country, but of the human race. The next seven years and beyond will be a time of discovery, progress, and peace. I thank each and every one of you for your participation.”